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Pastor: Reverend Matt Coplen

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Matt's Musings

Over the course of May several people have met on Wednesday morning or evening to talk, to think, to reflect on prayer. Using Max Lucado’s video series entitled Before Amen as a starting point, we have talked of what it means to pray, of why we pray, of how we pray, of how we have seen prayer answered. Each week I have found myself remembering a book written by Anne Lamott: Help Thanks Wow: The Three Essential Prayers. It is a gem of a book as most of her writing is, filled with humor and insight and more than a couple of “I can’t believe she said that out loud” moments. But think about these three words for a moment:  
 HELP          THANKS          WOW

Can you think of a prayer you’ve uttered in your life that wasn’t, as they say in music, a meditation on one of those three themes, if not all three? In the Psalms, one of the most common prayers is the lament, a prayer of complaint, a prayer in which the speaker protests that his or her world doesn’t look the way he or she thinks it should. Yet almost every Biblical lament concludes with words of trust, with a word of thanks for a change or transformation that hasn’t happened yet.  
  At the end of the prelude, Anne writes these words as an introduction to what the rest of the book will be about:  

My three prayers are variations on Help, Thanks, Wow. That’s all I ever need, besides the silence, the pain, and the pause sufficient for me to stop, close my eyes, and turn inward. 
Praying It doesn’t have to be
 the blue iris, it could be
 weeds in a vacant lot, or a few
 small stones; just
 pay attention, then patch
 a few words together and don’t try
 to make them elaborate, this isn’t
 a contest but the doorway
 into thanks, and a silence in which
 another voice may speak.

Mary Oliver (from Thirst: Poems, published in 2007) 


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